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  • Couples photograph beautifully wrapped in the world’s most romantic city. We’re an American/French couple who are engagement and wedding photographers in Paris. This is our latest work.


Paris has always fostered a bit of whimsical elegance. The city itself was the inspiration for these wedding gowns of the Parisian design studio, Lohr Couture. Being a photographer, I love to see flowing gowns that show movement out in the city. I look forward to photographing one of these lovely dresses on the streets of this town.

Summer is heaven for Paris Photographers. Perfect temperatures, sun or shade, allow for a relaxed shooting pace that grants the time for real moments to happen between the couple. I strolled through my favorite areas of Paris with Emily and Justin, stopping along the way when we came across beautiful backdrops. The resulting photos really do reflect the casual mood of our long walk through this iconic city and capture the essence of this couple’s gentle relationship.