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  • Couples photograph beautifully wrapped in the world’s most romantic city. We’re an American/French couple who are engagement and wedding photographers in Paris. This is our latest work.

We had already captured engagement photos in Paris with Sonia and Jeremy before they lured us outside our beloved city. Photographing their wedding in Normandy made us realize that Paris isn’t the only place in France with picturesque charm. The pastoral sights, and tranquil atmosphere of this alluring village make for great wedding photos.

I was impressed by Sum and Oscar’s grace. Thorough my years as a photographer, I’ve learned to give lots of advice on what models can do to look good as well as what to avoid. With these two I needed to do little more than push the shutter button. When I pressed them to find out how they were so comfortable in front of the lens, I discovered Oscar was a News Anchor in Hong Kong.

Here’s something I never thought I’d say. I’m big in the Hong Kong news industry. In a little over a year, I’ve captured pre-wedding photos for two news anchors, and an entertainment news host. All of them were both great in front of the camera, and a pleasure to be around.