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Pre-Wedding Shoots in Paris

We can take photos of you in your wedding gown

months before your wedding day,

or afterwards during your Paris honeymoon.


Back of Bride and Groom Behind Notre Dame  Bridal Portrait in Front of Setting Sun

Bride and Groom Face to Face on Bridge  Bride Holding Groom  Groom Walks Hand in Hand Near Eiffel Tower

Bride and Groom in Front of Paris Haussman Building  Groom Kissing Bride

Bride Kissing Her Groom at Notre Dame  Groom Standing Behind Bride in Short Gown

Groom Holding Bride with Eiffel Tower in Background  Groom and Bride Cross Street with Paris Bridge in Background

Paris Skyline Behind Groom and Bride  Smiling Bride Holding Hands with Groom Outside Notre Dame

Groom Holding Bride  Pre-Wedding Bride and Groom on Love Lock Bridge in Paris

Back of Bride in Gown Under Archway in Paris  Groom and Bride in Front of Louvre Pyramids

Bride and Groom on Banks of Seine with Paris Bridge in Background  Bride With Bouquet Walks with Groom on Pont des Arts

Groom and Bride Standing in Louvre Archway  Bride and Groom Walk Past Louvre Pyramids in Paris

Wedding days are packed with events and mingling. Surprises eat up time, and your big day flies by. Sometimes brides can’t spare any time to the photographer for taking stylized photos of her looking beautiful in her gown. You anguish months choosing your perfect dress. The actual wedding day isn’t always the best time to get fashion-shoot type photos that capture memories of how beautiful you feel in it.

Some cultures separate this from the wedding day by having pre-wedding photo shoots. Bride and groom look better unburdened from the demands and stresses of the wedding day. Likewise, photographers have an event-free schedule that allows them the flexibility to shoot in the best light of the day and at locations chosen for beauty instead of proximity to venues.

Post-wedding photo shoots are a similar solution. After the wedding day speeds by, couples fear they missed their only opportunity for stylized photos. More and more couples are allowing themselves a second chance by scheduling a photo shoot with us during their Paris honeymoon, and bringing the wedding gown along.


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