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Winter Wedding Photos in Paris [Caroline+Alexandre] from Dubai

Caroline and Alexandre got engaged in warm, sunny Dubai. Alexandre persuaded his bride to travel to his family’s home town for their wedding. Little could she know she was making wedding plans for what would become the coldest, greyest, snowiest Paris December in over 40 years. Even though she found the perfect off-white UGGS to hide under her gown, she had difficulty staying warm while trudging along the slushy streets of the coldest Paris winter of her lifetime. Plus, she lost her balloon. (I swear that photo wasn’t staged.) All was good, however, after arriving to the literal and figurative warmth of loved ones at the beautiful Eglise St. Augustin. The newlywed’s exit from the church was celebrated by thrown snow as the couple and guests made their way to the hot chocolate trolley waiting at the bottom of the church steps that the wedding-planning team of Les Tetes Chercheuses had arranged. A warm Citroen from the 40s took the couple to their vintage reception on the Champs Elysees. The setting included a swank retro band playing music from the same era as the Citroen.


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