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Wedding and Elopement Shoots in Paris

We’ll take wedding photos of you

in your lovely Parisian venues,

and our gorgeous city sights.


Bride Getting Ready in Front of Mirror  Bride Leaning on Groom by Eiffel Tower  Bridal Portrait

Bride and Groom Walk Along Seine  Black Wedding Shoe on Blue Chair

Bride Putting on Black Wedding Shoes  Wedding Gown Hanging from French Chandelier  Bride and Groom by Lamp Posts at Louvre Museum

Groom and Bride Crossing the Street by the Eiffel Tower  Bride Wearing Black Wedding Sash

Bride Wearing Birdcage Veil  Groom and Bride Walking in Cour Carree of Louvre  Bride in Gown in Paris Hotel Room

Bride Holding Candle during Elopement Ceremony  Bride Walks Down Isle of American Church in Paris France

Bride in Gown Holding Black Wedding Shoes  Groom and Bride Walking Along Row of Louvre Lamp Posts

Bride and Groom on Pont Bir Hakeim Paris  Bride Adjusting Birdcage Veil in Mirror  Bride and Groom in Louvre Museum Arcade

Bride and Groom Walk on Cobblestones Outside Louvre  Smiling Bride Holding Black Wedding Shoes

Smiling Bride Holding Wedding Shoes  Bride and Groom on Love Lock Bridge in Paris

To capture weddings, we fuse fashion photography, fine art, and photojournalism to make your photos beautiful. We’ll shoot the scheduled events in an unobtrusive, journalistic style that allows everyone to enjoy the celebration while we search out and capture the beauty and emotion of the day.

Between those traditional events of your wedding day we’ll get you out in the streets of Paris to add fine-art and fashion-type photos to the collection. With Paris as your backdrop, you’ll be stunning.


Chateau Weddings Outside Paris


Groom holding Bride  Engagement Ring Placed Over a French Map   Groom and Bride Embrace in Front of French Chateau

Bridesmaids Holding Bouquets In Marbled Hall of French Chateau  Bride and Groom About to Kiss in Front of Chateau

Bridesmaids Fasten Gown of Bride in Beautiful Chandeliered Chateau   Bridal Makeup Chart  Bride in Robe Sitting in a Chair While Stylist Prepares Hair

Bride Putting on Veil  Bridesmaids Gathered Around Bouquets on a Table

Bridesmaids Opening Wedding Gown for a Bride  Bridesmaids Surround Bride Checking Her Dress in a Mirror  Wedding Gown Hanging From a Chandelier of Chateau With Ceiling Fresco

Bride Using Wall Mirror to Touch Up Lipstick  Groomsmen Getting Ready in a Bedroom

Groomsmen Sitting Around a Table in Front of Tall Window of a Chateau  Groomsmen Walking in a Garden of a French Chateau

Louboutin Wedding Shoes Displayed on Mantel  Bride Checking Out Gown in a Cheval Mirror  Portrait of Bridal Wedding Party

Smiling Bridesmaid  Aisle View of Flowered Wedding Venue Before Guests Arrive

Close-Up of Bridesmaid Bouquet  Bridesmaid Enters Wedding Ceremony From Marbled Grand Staircase  Pink Bouquet Attached to Chair of French Wedding Venue

Bride and Groom Facing Each Other During Ceremony  Bride Descends Grand Staircase to Father While Quartet Plays Their Instruments

Bride Looking Back at Father During Ceremony  Veiled Bride Descends a Grand Staircase Towards Her Father

Happy Bride Smiling at Groom During Wedding Ceremony  Wedding Guests, Bride, and Groom at Ceremony Seen from Above

Pink Bouquet Held by Bridesmaid  Bride and Groom Give Wedding Kiss at Ceremony While Guests Applaud

Wedding Party Descends Beautiful French Staircase  Backs of Bridesmaids Peeking Out Large Chateau Window

French Relief Sculpture on Keystone of Chateau Arched Window  Bride and Groom in Front Garden of a Chateau  Bride Descends Marble Stairs Followed by Bridesmaids

Wedding Table Bouquet  Tall Table Bouquet Centered on Wedding Reception Table  Reception Menu Written for English Speaking Wedding Guests

Wedding Reception Tables in French Chateau  Smiling Bride Seated at Reception

Laughing Bridesmaids Under a Chandelier  Wedding Table Assignment  Back of Bowed Bridesmaid Dress at Wedding Reception

Flowered Pink Wedding Cake  Bride and Groom Slow Dancing

Dessert Table and French Chandelier  Bride and Groom Watching Fireworks Over a Chateau Garden  Wedding Cocktail Menu Board Displayed on Easel

Wedding Guests Applaud in Front of Decorative French Door  Smiling Bride and Groom During First Dance of a Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom Applaude Wedding Fireworks  Smiling Bride in Golden Light of Chateau at Night


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