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Family photo at Notre Dame Paris street photo

Paris river Seine family photo Family photo at Notre Dame Paris Professional family photo on Paris bridge

Eiffel Tower family photo  Paris family photo

Being a professional photographer in Paris, I occasionally spend time searching for great backdrops for family photos. I actually cherish the days spent navigating the maze of streets in the most beautiful city in the world.

During this family shoot, I got to take young Alice and her parents through my urban playground. Though she’ll never remember actually being here at that age, I’m sure she’ll grow up viewing these images in albums, frames, and prints. Photos we grow up with, sometimes link to deep sentimental emotions. When I come across these images, I often imagine Alice returning to Paris when she reaches her mother’s age here. Will she feel a profound connection with my beloved city when she sees these sights in real life again. Honestly, these thoughts motivate me more than any dreams of fame or publishing