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Engagement Shoots in Paris

We’ll photograph you in beautiful locations

in the world’s most romantic city.


Couple Walking With Eiffel Tower Large in Background  Notre Looming Over Engaged Couple  Engagement Portrait Behind Notre Dame

Couple Embrace in Norte Dame Garden  Couple Walking as Sun Sets Behind Notre Dame

Couple Sitting on Stairs  Stylish Couple  Engaged Couple Walking on Banks of Seine

Portrait of Woman in Blue Dress  Couple Walking in Louvre Courtyard

Engaged Couple Walking in Paris  Woman in Red Dress  Engaged Couple Near Paris Lamp Post

Couple Lean on Railing With Pont Marie in Background  Portrait of Blonde Woman

Couple Sitting on Stairs  Engaged Couple Strolls Along Seine

Couple Standing in Front of Historic Paris Skyline  Couple Behind Notre Dame

Get Photos of You Around Paris “You and the City”

We’ll go around Paris for photos of you in some of the most beautiful locations in the city. People enjoy these shoots and we honestly enjoy doing them. We love subtle, elegant interaction between the couple. With the goal of delivering timeless images, we seek to capture the moods and actions that match the refinement of Paris. We’ll give you lots of tips on what can make you look better, as well as what to avoid.

We’ll help you choose locations ranging from the expected icons to the small side streets and cafes that give a strong sense of the essence of Paris. Great photos can come from being wrapped in a culture that’s unmistakably different from the one you live in every day. You’ll understand what we mean when you see photos of yourself draped in uniquely French surroundings. Paris plays a role in making you beautiful.


Full Eiffel Tower Behind Engaged Couple  Woman Smiling at Fiance  Couple Walking in Front of Eiffel Tower

Couple Face to Face in Paris Bridge  Engaged Couple Walks in Louvre Courtyard

Statue Outside Louvre  Couple Looking Small in Front of Tall Facade of Le Louvre  Engagement Portrait in Le Louvre Courtyard

Portrait of Woman in Black Dress  Couple Embracing in Massive Doorway at Le Louvre  Romantic Couple Leaning in Louvre Column

Couple Kissing on Paris Bridge  Portrait of Woman with Blowing Hair

Couple Holding Hands in Louvre Courtyard  Man Smiling at Fiance  Door Carving at Le Louvre

Couple in Front of Louvre Door  Gothic Arches of Notre Dame Behind Engaged Couple  Woman Smiling Beside Her Fiance

Notre Dame Standing Tall Behind Romantic Couple  Backs of Couple at Notre Dame

Couple Standing With Eiffel Tower in Background  Couple Standing in Courtyard of Le Louvre  Romantic Couple Smile at Eachother on Bridge in Paris

Couple Stand in Front of Setting Sun  Sun Setting on Notre Dame Behind Engaged Couple  Engaged Couple Stand by Notre Dame at Sunset

Portrait of Woman Embracing Man  Romantic Couple Standing on Paris Bridge at Sunset


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