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Sunset behind bride and groom at Notre Dame  Groom embraces bride with Eiffel Tower in background

Bride walks holding hands with groom in Notre Dame garden  Haussman apartment building in Paris  Groom holds bride with sunset and Notre Dame in background

Backs of bride and Groom holding hands at Notre Dame  Couple in wedding gown and tux with Eiffel Tower in background  Bridal portrait lit by Paris sunset

Wedding ring on bride holding groom  Bride in wedding gown with Paris skyline in background  Groom kissing bare-shouldered bride

Paris skyline at sunset  Wedding portrait with bridal veil and handsome groom

Paris sunset lights bride and groom walking hand in hand  Blue-eyed bride looking at groom

Wedding couple on quai de bourbon Paris  Bride looking at profile of handsome groom

Wedding couple with Paris sunset lighting up Seine river behind them  Wedding couple in front of beautiful Parisian door  Bridal portrait showing pretty eyelashes

Wedding couple walks by Notre Dame flower garden  Bride

Portrait of groom in front of Paris sunset  Paris apartment building with blue slate roof

Wedding couple with Paris bridge Pont Marie in background  Bride and Groom with Paris Hotel de Ville in background

Rachael and Tyson are our latest couple to have a shoot in tux and gown during their honeymoon in Paris. It’s the same concept as getting a photographer for a pre-wedding photo shoot in Paris. Being a different day from their wedding, we could spend a lot more time making Rachael beautiful in her dress. Plus, there’s the luxury of having complete freedom in choosing when and where to capture photos. One look at the pics above shows why we chose sunset in Paris.

I was impressed by Sum and Oscar’s grace. Thorough my years as a photographer, I’ve learned to give lots of advice on what models can do to look good as well as what to avoid. With these two I needed to do little more than push the shutter button. When I pressed them to find out how they were so comfortable in front of the lens, I discovered Oscar was a News Anchor in Hong Kong.

Here’s something I never thought I’d say. I’m big in the Hong Kong news industry. In a little over a year, I’ve captured pre-wedding photos for two news anchors, and an entertainment news host. All of them were both great in front of the camera, and a pleasure to be around.