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Wedding Stationary on Paris Map Bridal Portrait in Front of Eiffel Tower Bride Snuggling Inside Groom

Bride in Heels in White Chair Paris Blue-Roofed Haussmann Building

Bridesmaids Helping Bride with Dress in White Paris Hotel Bride Adjusting Earrings in Mirror

Bride Trying on Veil in Paris Hotel Wedding Bouquet on White Leather Chair Bridal Portrait Near Eiffel Tower

Bride in Sunlight at Stairs Wedding Ceremony in Paris Domed Chapel Groom

Groom and Groomsmen Waiting at Alter Veiled Bride Entering Chapel

Bride and Groom in Paris Chapel Wedding Exit at Paris Chapel

Bride Walking With Groom in Paris Square Rolls Grill and Winged Hood Ornament

Bridal Handbag Hanging on Gold Decorative Door Handle Bride and Groom Stand by Rolls in Paris Square

Bride and Groom Leaning on Lamppost Bride Leaving Arched Door of Paris Hotel Bride and Groom Walking Arm in Arm Near Eiffel Tower

Paris Wedding Reception Tablescape Wedding Reception Sign in French

Bride Writing Lipstick Message on Mirror Framed Sign at Wedding Cocktail

Special Wedding Cocktail on Silver Tray Lipstick Message on Mirror at Wedding Cocktail Beautiful Mic of Wedding Singer

Wedding Singer Holding Beautiful Mic Dancing at Wedding Reception

Wedding Exit with Sparklers Bride and Groom Behind Macaroon Wedding Cake

Our photos of Kea and James’ Paris destination wedding were published in the print version of Brides magazine back in August. Just recently, they published more pics in real weddings. The post reminded me how good Kea’s Monique Lhuillier gown looked set in the city of love.

Kea’s bridesmaids helped her get into that dress in a high suite at the Raphael. The view of charming, blue-slated Paris-rooftops served as a beautiful reminder they were about to go to s wedding ceremony in the world’s most romantic city.

They were even more awed by the intimate domed chapel where that ceremony took place. As a photographer, I was struck by how stunning the bride looked when her veil was backlit by sun coming through the chapel doors. Even though I had anticipated that shot and placed myself in the best spot to take advantage of the lighting, I was impressed by the bride’s literally glowing entrance.

After the ceremony, the couple wanted to spend only a short time getting photos out in the city. They already had photos of themselves in beautiful Paris locations since we were also the photographers for their engagement photo shoot.

James is a car buff who runs a Porsche restoration shop in his home town. Naturally, I had to show him how well their hired, vintage Rolls would photograph in a Paris square. The ornate lampposts in the background are from the same era as the car. From there, we stopped for a few pics by the Eiffel Tower before speeding off to their reception.

Their evening had a retro band, charming dining room, and whimsical lighting. The traditional guestbook was replaced by the lipstick mirror. Guests could leave kisses and messages on the mirror in their favorite shade of red. Even the bride got in on the fun. Our photo version of this alternative guestbook contains not only writings to serve as memories, but also images of the guests who wrote them.

To end the magical day, guests lit up the Paris night with a sparkler sendoff, lining the path to the newlyweds’ vintage Citroen getaway vehicle. (I told you James was a car buff.)

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Bride kissing Groom Behind Paris Lamp Post  Eiffel Tower in Storm Clouds  Bride in Strapless Wedding Gown

Paris Skyline Behind Bride and Groom on Bridge  Wedding and Engagement Rings Lying on Paris Map

Bride Portrait  Bride Kissing Groom in Front of Beautiful Paris Building  Groom and Eiffel Tower

Bride Laughing with Groom at Notre Dame in Paris  Bride Walking with Groom on Cobblestone Paris Street

Bride and Groom Crossing Paris Bridge  Bride Embracing Groom Beside Eiffel Tower and River Seine  Sash Bow Being Tied on Bride Wearing Wedding Gown

Bride and Groom Sitting on Paris Park Bench  Groom Holds Bride During Elopement Ceremony on Paris River Cruise

Wedding Heels in Pretty French Chair  Bride Showing Shoes in Beautiful Paris Apartment

Groom and Bride Leaning on Paris Bridge Railing  Bride Wearing Wedding-Day Robe

Bride in Front of French Mirror  Wedding Bouquet Lying in French Chair  Bride Leaning Out of Paris Apartment Window

Wedding Ceremony Under Eiffel Tower on River Cruise  Bridal Portrait of Bride With Beautiful Lashes

You might assume that photographers in Paris prefer sunny days for their shoots. Cast a quick glance at my latest shoots, and you’ll see I take advantage of sunshine every chance I get. Deep down, however, I’m just as happy with the romantic ambiance that cloud cover gives this city. It reminds me of the images of the famous Paris photographer Robert Doisneau. With spring weddings around the corner, couples are asking me what to expect if their big day is cloudy. In response, I show them photos of Jessie and Ramin’s elopement.

People love the adorable pic of Jessie protecting the ruffles of her precious Vera Wang gown from the cobblestones of a bridge she’s crossing. My favorite look of those ruffles is of Jessie standing in front of the gorgeous French mirror. The dress looks quite at home in the elegant setting of the Paris apartment she hired for her destination wedding.

Clouds started rolling in as soon as we left those comfy confides to get pre-wedding photos around the sights of Paris. I like the soft skin and light blue tone the overcast day brought. This dramatic look peaked as the encroaching gentle storm rolled in behind the Eiffel Tower, covering their wedding ceremony on the deck of a chartered river cruise. Luckily, showers held off until the celebration had carried guests inside the lovely dining cabin. It turned out that the day-long threat of rain did nothing to prevent us from getting to all the city locations I adore. Plus, it gave us the moody setting that people often find charming in this city of love. The cloudy-day images we came away with remind me why I don’t fear the overcast days of spring. I know they simply offer up a different kind of beauty for me to capture wedding photos in the streets of Paris.

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Engaged couple leaning on rail, Eiffel Tower in background Engaged couple embracing  Couple walking in front of Eiffel Tower

Woman in zip front black dress Couple in front of large doors at Le Louvre Couple leaning on column at Le Louvre

Engaged couple in front of statues at Le Louvre Engaged couple embracing and smiling  Royal seal wood carving on Le Louvre door

Statue at Le Louvre Paris  Couple in Le Louvre courtyard Man

Woman in black dress with hair blowing  Engaged couple in front of Paris skyline

Golden light of Paris sunset shining on engaged couple Notre Dame Paris in sunshine behind engaged couple  Engaged couple beside Notre Dame sunset

Notre Dame behind engaged couple  Backs of couple embracing

Getting beautiful photos of yourself in the city of love is much easier than you’d think. Claire and Matt had arranged their Paris photo shoot with us after a few short emails. The only difficult part for Claire was deciding between two different dresses and hairdos. She liked my simple solution. A hair and wardrobe change in the middle of your Paris engagement shoot just adds to the fun.

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Ashlan Gorse Philippe Cousteau in Gown and Tux  Bride holding Wedding Bouquet  Flower Girl in Gorse-Coustau Wedding France

Ashlan Gorse in Wedding Gown  Chateau D

Cover of Brides Magazine Spring 2014  Gorse-Cousteau wedding article in Brides Magazine Spring 2014  Cousteau-Gorse Real Wedding article in Brides Magazine Spring 2014

It was nice seeing our photos of the Gorse-Cousteau wedding published in the print version of Brides Magazine this spring and posted to yesterday. We knew of Ashlan Gorse and Philippe Cousteau before they contacted us to shoot their chateau wedding near Paris. We had seen Ashlan often or E! News. We remembered Philippe from CNN International and Animal Planet. Like his famous grandfather, Jacques Cousteau, Philippe is an oceanographer. On the show Oceans Blue, I remembered Philippe fearlessly swimming with sharks. After the wedding, he was part of a fun coincidence. I was telling a friend about photographing Philippe’s wedding. During our conversation, we walked up on a larger than life poster of Philippe modeling for the Gap store. Surprised, I pointed at the poster and said, “that guy.”

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