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Naomi and Paul wanted to have a professional photographer in Paris capture memories of their honeymoon instead of taking selfies. Paul’s a lucky man. He builds surfboards for a living and has a stunning wife.  It’s easy to see why he hired a photographer.


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On her honeymoon, Melissa and Bradley sought a photographer in Paris who could assist them in an innocent indulgence. Before tucking away her wedding gown as a keepsake, Melissa wanted to get photos donning it in the most romantic city in the world. She’s not the only newlywed with such desires. Hectic wedding days often leave no time for taking calm, uncluttered, elegant wedding photos of the bride in her cherished gown. A honeymoon in Paris offers a great second chance to achieve that. It gives you both an excuse to wear your dress one last time, and timeless photos you can display back home of to remind you of the precious keepsake stored deep in your packed closet.

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Summer is heaven for Paris Photographers. Perfect temperatures, sun or shade, allow for a relaxed shooting pace that grants the time for real moments to happen between the couple. I strolled through my favorite areas of Paris with Emily and Justin, stopping along the way when we came across beautiful backdrops. The resulting photos really do reflect the casual mood of our long walk through this iconic city and capture the essence of this couple’s gentle relationship.


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