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Engaged couple leaning on rail, Eiffel Tower in background Engaged couple embracing  Couple walking in front of Eiffel Tower

Woman in zip front black dress Couple in front of large doors at Le Louvre Couple leaning on column at Le Louvre

Engaged couple in front of statues at Le Louvre Engaged couple embracing and smiling  Royal seal wood carving on Le Louvre door

Statue at Le Louvre Paris  Couple in Le Louvre courtyard Man

Woman in black dress with hair blowing  Engaged couple in front of Paris skyline

Golden light of Paris sunset shining on engaged couple Notre Dame Paris in sunshine behind engaged couple  Engaged couple beside Notre Dame sunset

Notre Dame behind engaged couple  Backs of couple embracing

Getting beautiful photos of yourself in the city of love is much easier than you’d think. Claire and Matt had arranged their Paris photo shoot with us after a few short emails. The only difficult part for Claire was deciding between two different dresses and hairdos. She liked my simple solution. A hair and wardrobe change in the middle of your Paris engagement shoot just adds to the fun.

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EiffelTowerEngagementPhoto  Couple in Tux and Blue Dress Holding Hands at Notre Dame in Paris  ParisEngagementPhotoNotreDame

Engaged Couple on Bridge Over Seine in Paris  ParisEngagementPhoto

ParisEngagementPhotoNotreDame  Woman in red dress at Paris Bridge  EngagementPhotoParisRiver

These cold winter days have me longing for Paris in the springtime. It’s a great time of year to be a Paris photographer. True romantics are already planning their spring getaway to the city of love, so I’m throwing out a little advice. The best Paris photos start with a great dress (or three). Voila! There’s your excuse to add shopping to the planning list. Above are a few photos from James and Kea’s Paris engagement shoot to inspire you.

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Eiffel Tower Paris  Couple on Paris bridge  Couple beside Paris lamp

Paris bridge anniversary photo  Anniversary photo Notre Dame

Notre Dame Paris kiss photo  Paris wedding anniversary photo  Perfect Paris light anniversary photo

Couple in Paris anniversary photo  Eiffel Tower anniversary couple  Anniversary photo under Paris bridge

Anniversary photo at Paris door  Anniversary photo Paris cafe  anniversary photo paris kiss

I was flattered that Jessica chose me as her Paris photographer. She’s a manager at a New York branding and design agency. In her spare time, she’s a contributing writer to a wedding blog, and had her own stylish wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. When Scott whisked her away to the city of love for their first anniversary, Jessica wrote that she chose me as her photographer based on my “timeless and romantic style” of shooting at my signature Paris locations. That makes sense, seeing her choices in hair, makeup, dress, heels, and man. She’s an enviable subject for any photographer. I was happy to oblige.

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