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  • Couples photograph beautifully wrapped in the world’s most romantic city. We’re an American/French couple who are engagement and wedding photographers in Paris. This is our latest work.

Caroline and Alexandre got engaged in warm sunny Dubai.  Alexandre persuaded her to travel to his family’s home town for the wedding.  Little could she know she was making wedding plans for what would become the coldest, greyest, snowiest Paris December in over 40 years.  Even though she found the perfect off-white UGGS to hide under her gown, she had difficulty staying warm while trudging along the slushy streets of the coldest Paris winter of her lifetime.  She even lost her ballon (no, that photo wasn’t at all staged).  All was good, however, after arriving to the literal and figurative warmth of loved ones at the beautiful Eglise St. Augustin.  (Very few of Paris’ massive churches heat their sanctuary like St. Augustin does).  The newlywed’s exit from the church was celebrated by thrown snow as the couple and guests made their way to the hot chocolate trolley waiting at the bottom of the church steps that the wedding planning team of Les Tetes Chercheuses had arranged.  A warm Citroen from the 40s took the couple to their vintage reception on the Champs Elysees that included the coolest band I’ve ever seen at a reception playing music from the same era as the Citroen.

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This past month we’ve been so busy with wedding, boudoir, and engagement photography in Paris that we’ve neglected our blog.  To give you a taste of what’s been going on, here’s a little bit of everything. Check our FACEBOOK and TWITTER if you want to see more.

A winter wedding on the Champs Elysees: more to come soon.

Engagement photography in Paris under the snow.

Wedding photographers in Paris have the undeniable advantage of having great chateaux for venues.  Below are some shots we took of the venue of a sweet couple whose wedding we will shoot next summer.

Below are a couple of Boudoir Shoots that were given as wedding gifts.  Paris is the birthplace of boudoir and the perfect city to bring out the attitude needed  to reveal your best.  Oh, la, la!

This is the cutest wedding cake we’ve ever seen.  We love being elopement photographers in Paris.

Really, there is no bad time for engagement photos in Paris.  Cold, rainy weather just makes the city even more romantic as couples cuddle together to stay warm.  Anthony is one of those rare photographers who loves rainy, snowy shoots.

Back east, couples love their Pre-Wedding Photos in Paris.

One of our Paris engagement photography shoots was recently featured on the popular wedding blog Classic Bride. You can check it out HERE.

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Paris wedding photographers are lucky to be shooting in the City of Lights (another nickname of the city).  December weddings have a short number of daylight hours, so the city lights keep things looking beautiful long after the sun goes down.   To show you what we mean, here’s a sneak peak of the December wedding in Paris of Angeli and Timothy. We couldn’t wait to share all these lovely details with you.  Getting ready in a Parisian apartment on Ile Saint Louis, a ceremony in a chic “hotel particulier” on Place Vendome, the Louvre looking even more majestic under the lights, and of course Christmas lights and snow.  We never take for granted how lucky we are to be wedding photographers in Paris.

This day was planned by the talented team of FETE IN FRANCE.

Credits: Gown: Vera Wang, Make up:, Hair:

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As wedding and engagement photographers in Paris we get to meet and work for talented designers in Paris.  Remember our fashion shoot for the Paris boutique dress designer Lohr Couture?  Our photos from that shoot were used in the Fall issue of “Oui”, a chic French bride magazine  in France.

Although we’re Paris based photographers, we have the good fortune to be asked to shoot quite a few Provence weddings.  This wedding we shot in the beautiful south of France for Anne and Julien has been posted on “Lovely Bride“.  The famous New York blog was lured by cute details and above all a Delphine Manivet gown.  Click HERE to revisit our post of Anne’s beautiful wedding in Aix en Provence. 

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Trisha thought she was having a simple photo shoot in Paris.  Inspired by the Paris episodes of Sex and the City, she got a room in the Plaza Athenee, and wore heels that Carrie Bradshaw would envy.  She didn’t know her boyfriend, Jonathan, had conspired with Anthony to turn it into a proposal shoot.  Paris engagement photographers can be tricky that way.  When a gal is whisked away to the city of love, she can usually see a proposal coming from a mile away.  Jonathan must have thrown a few red herrings her way, since Trisha was truly surprised by this Paris proposal.

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Kim and Andrew chose Paris to elope with their family and close friends. We were happy to capture their romantic wedding photos in Paris. Kim from Parisian Events was their talented wedding planner.


We were the wedding photographers of a beautiful bride in Provence. We were surprised to come across one of our photo of  Aurelie on the blog Lovely. Click HERE.

The first anniversary photo shoot in Paris of Jaime and Ben was a surprise feature on PolkaDotBride . Read their incredible idea HERE!

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