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  • Couples photograph beautifully wrapped in the world’s most romantic city. We’re an American/French couple who are engagement and wedding photographers in Paris. This is our latest work.

Family photo at Notre Dame   Paris street photo

Paris river Seine family photo  Family photo at Notre Dame Paris  Professional family photo on Paris bridge

Eiffel Tower family photo    Paris family photo

Being a professional photographer in Paris has perks. Searching for great backdrops for family photos in Paris, I get to navigate the streets of the most beautiful city in the world.  Young Alice already has the makings of a Parisian model.  For her professional photo session in Paris, the toddler displayed a model’s mastery of the paradoxical art of looking aloof yet engaged.

As photographers in Paris who just suffered through the city’s worst winter in 40 years, we can’t express our excitement of the upcoming spring.  If you have a spring shoot booked with us for photos of you around Paris, here are a few images of the kind of weather that’s just around the corner.  It’s a little inspiration to start shopping for that perfect dress and heels.

Movie film, not video.  Think stringing a reel of film through a projector and hearing the rattle and hum of a hot bulbed machine that flickers images onto a wall.   Imagine a pre-digital age where cutting out a scene of a home movie meant getting out a razor blade and cutting out a scene.  How does something as imperfect and flawed as super 8mm film cast such a spell on its followers?   When I shot Anne and Julien’s wedding in still photography, I agreed to their request to bring along my vintage movie camera to shoot a just a few minutes on good old fashioned movie film.  I stipulated this movie shooting would take a distant back seat since I would shoot only in brief moments when it didn’t interfere with me capturing the events of the day with my still photography.  Two short rolls of constantly jamming movie film reluctantly staggered through my 30 something year-old cinema camera.  The moving images that resulted clarified my adoration of super 8mm cinema.  No matter how aging your equipment, or how careless your film handlers, or how much you fail to give shooting the attention it deserves, super 8mm cinema gives back only love.

In this posted film, only the opening and closing text titles are manipulated in software.  Every single frame of the wedding day, however, is authentic untouched Super 8mm movie film in all its glorious imperfection.  Every speck of dust, every motion blur, every piece of lint, every light leak, every strand of fiber, every partially exposed frame, every textured speck of film grain, every jitter, roll and flicker is genuine.  Super 8mm takes all these unappealing scraps and blends them into a brew that casts its spell on viewers.  Maybe this explains the fiercely loyal cadre of enchanted followers super 8mm cinema enjoys nearly 40 years after industry pundits proclaimed that the birth of video tape marked the death of celluloid film in home movie making.

Caroline and Alexandre got engaged in warm, sunny Dubai.  Alexandre persuaded her to travel to his family’s home town for the wedding.  Little could she know she was making wedding plans for what would become the coldest, greyest, snowiest Paris December in over 40 years. Even though she found the perfect off-white UGGS to hide under her gown, she had difficulty staying warm while trudging along the slushy streets of the coldest Paris winter of her lifetime. She even lost her ballon (I swear that photo wasn’t at staged). All was good, however, after arriving to the literal and figurative warmth of loved ones at the beautiful Eglise St. Augustin. The newlywed’s exit from the church was celebrated by thrown snow as the couple and guests made their way to the hot chocolate trolley waiting at the bottom of the church steps that the wedding-planning team of Les Tetes Chercheuses had arranged.  A warm Citroen from the 40s took the couple to their vintage reception on the Champs Elysees that included the coolest band I’ve ever seen at a reception playing music from the same era as the Citroen.