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Wedding in Paris [Safieh+Charles]

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They say the Royal wedding is bringing chic weddings back in vogue. We just shot this wedding of the British Ambassador’s step daughter in Paris. Safieh and Charles reside in Houston. The bride’s mother, the ambassador’s wife, has lived in Paris for years. The British Ambassador’s Residence has become the bride’s Parisian home during her visits to the city of love. I guess that technically makes this a backyard wedding for Safieh.

It’s usually difficult to impress a Paris wedding photographer with architecture or interiors.  This high-profile “hotel particulier”, however, makes quite an impression.  It’s located in the heart of the prestigious Triangle d’Or.  This area is as chic as it gets in Paris.  The garden in the cocktail photos was officially inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in June of 1992.

The mother of the bride got her inspiration for the black and white balloons at the Stella McCartney show during fashion week in Paris.  After the guests entered the grand hall to begin the ceremony, the butler staff sneaked the balloons into the adjoining hallway just outside.