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Wedding photo under Eiffel Tower  Wedding Detail Photo Paris Crillon Sign  Wedding Photo by Paris Wedding Photographer

Bride Photo by Paris Wedding Photographer  Paris Wedding Photographer Detail Bouquet  Paris Wedding Photo Eiffel Tower

Paris Elopement Photo Bride Entrance  Elopement Chapel by Paris Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photo Paris Door  Bridesmaid  Bride and Maids Paris Elopement Photo

Wedding Reception Hall Paris Crillon  Wedding Photo Reception Balcony Paris Crillon

Paris Wedding Cake Piece Montee  Wedding Reception Photo Paris Crillon  Wedding Reception Table Setting Paris Crillon

My favorite Paris photographers from the ‘50s and ‘60s had an advantage I envy. In those days men in Paris put on a nice cut suit virtually every day.  Jack made my job easy by donning a sartorial work that tailors from the golden age of Paris fashion would be proud to call their own. The beautiful bride on his arm is proof that the sharp dressed man gets the girl. Style Me Pretty liked what they saw in this attractive couple and the gorgeous wedding that Rendez-Vous in Paris planned for them.


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Eiffel Tower Paris  Couple on Paris bridge  Couple beside Paris lamp

Paris bridge anniversary photo  Anniversary photo Notre Dame

Notre Dame Paris kiss photo  Paris wedding anniversary photo  Perfect Paris light anniversary photo

Couple in Paris anniversary photo  Eiffel Tower anniversary couple  Anniversary photo under Paris bridge

Anniversary photo at Paris door  Anniversary photo Paris cafe  anniversary photo paris kiss

I was flattered that Jessica chose me as her Paris photographer. She’s a manager at a New York branding and design agency. In her spare time, she’s a contributing writer to a wedding blog, and had her own stylish wedding featured on Style Me Pretty. When Scott whisked her away to the city of love for their first anniversary, Jessica wrote that she chose me as her photographer based on my “timeless and romantic style” of shooting at my signature Paris locations. That makes sense, seeing her choices in hair, makeup, dress, heels, and man. She’s an enviable subject for any photographer. I was happy to oblige.

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Vera Wang wedding dress What Paris wedding photographer wouldn’t gush about being posted on Vera Wang’s Unveiled wedding blog? They contacted me after seeing Angeli’s wedding photos in Paris. I’m not sure Vera normally condones dragging her beautiful creations through the slushy city streets of December. Paris, however, is no typical city. I knew the dress would look quite at home surrounded by the timeless views of the City of Love. Obviously Vera agreed.

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Bridal Photo at Notre Dame Paris  Bride Holding Bouquet at Paris Sunset  Bride and Groom at Eiffel Tower Paris

Wedding Ceremony at the Chapelle Expiatoire Paris  Bride Holding Bouquet During Vows  Bride and Groom Decending Stairs of Chapelle Expiatoire Paris

Recessional of Elopement at Chapelle Expiatoire Paris  Champagne Glass Held by Bride  Bride and Groom Having Champagne at the Chapelle Expiatoire Paris

Groom Kissing Bride  Bouquet Held by Bride   Bride and Groom Leaning on Pont Louis-Philippe Paris

Eloping to Paris is beautiful in its simplicity. The city of love suits fairytale weddings of all sizes. Some couples choose to have only their closest of family attend the ceremony. Many of these same weddings with their understated gowns are just too pretty to remain hidden. As a photographer in Paris I love to shoot elopements with the goal of showing everyone back at the bride’s home how stunning she looked on her big day.


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