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  • Couples photograph beautifully wrapped in the world’s most romantic city. We’re an American/French couple who are engagement and wedding photographers in Paris. This is our latest work.

Our Paris wedding photography featured on Vera Wang’s blog

Vera Wang wedding dress

What Paris wedding photographer wouldn’t gush about being posted on Vera Wang’s Unveiled wedding blog? I’m not sure how Vera Wang felt about us dragging the hem of one of her beautiful creations through the rainy city streets of Paris, but the bride knew the dress would look quite at home surrounded by the timeless views of the City of Love. As you can see from the wedding photos posted in Vera Wang’s Real Weddings, Angeli was right.

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Eloping to Paris [Suzanne + Andrew]

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Eloping to Paris is beautiful in its simplicity. The city of love is made for fairytale weddings of all sizes. Some couples choose to have only the closest of family attend the ceremony.  Paradoxically, some understated elopement gowns are just made to be shown off.  As a Paris photographer I love to shoot elopements with the goal of showing everyone back home how stunning your bride looked in white.


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An Intimate Wedding in Paris at the Plaza Athenee. [Natalina + Warwick]

Any photographer in Paris enjoys shooting at the Plaza, but wedding photographers appreciate it more than most. Brides who elope to Paris tend to be lured by elegance, and few hotels can draw them like the Athenee. Photographers have an easy job of revealing the refinement of Paris when they’re immersed in the frills of one of the world’s most stylish hotels. Besides, Carrie Bradshaw slept there.

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Wedding Photos in Paris. [Meghann+James] from Hollywood.

Meghann wasn’t searching for a photographer in Paris when she found us.  She was looking for a wedding dress.  Her search lead to photos of a Vera Wang we shot at a Paris elopement.  Looking though those photos, she became captivated with the idea of eloping to the city of love.  A few months later, she was living out that fantasy.  Above, you can see the bride in a laptop video-chat with her mother who’s across the Atlantic.  She’s sharing the excitement of her French bouquet.  Meghann also pointed the webcam at us to prove she had two Paris photographers to capture everything else to share with her mother later.  Needless to say, these moments motivate us to always be the best wedding photographers we possibly can.

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