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Engagement Shoot Around Paris, Kea and James

EiffelTowerEngagementPhoto  Couple in Tux and Blue Dress Holding Hands at Notre Dame in Paris  ParisEngagementPhotoNotreDame

Engaged Couple on Bridge Over Seine in Paris  ParisEngagementPhoto

ParisEngagementPhotoNotreDame  Woman in red dress at Paris Bridge  EngagementPhotoParisRiver

These cold winter days have me longing for Paris in the springtime. It’s a great time of year to be a Paris photographer. True romantics are already planning their spring getaway to the city of love, so I’m throwing out a little advice. The best Paris photos start with a great dress (or three). Voila! There’s your excuse to add shopping to the planning list. Above are a few photos from James and Kea’s Paris engagement shoot to inspire you.