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Paris Photo Shoot, Marissa and Michael

Here’s a simple truth I’ve learned from being a Paris photographer. This elegant city deserves your best heels. Granted, cobblestones aren’t exactly heel friendly. If, however, your secret guilty pleasure is imagining yourself in a fashionable Carrie-Bradshaw-like lifestyle, you need to make concessions. If your hero can run after a cab in New York wearing her Manolo Blahniks, then you can handle a few ancient streets in the city of love in your Louboutins. As your photographer, I prefer you surrender to your fashion fantasies. By virtue of its aesthetics, there is no city more accommodating to fashionistas than Paris. You’ll walk among your kindred here. Like them, you’ll feel as though the elegant buildings, beautiful bridges, ornate lampposts, lavish doorways, grand monuments, picturesque pathways, and adorable tiny parks wrap you up in beauty as though they were unattached fashion accessories. This is the spirit behind my “You and the City” shoots. If you are drawn into this fashion mecca know as Paris, you should indulge yourself with a photo shoot in a wardrobe you dream of wearing every day.