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Renewing Their Vows in Paris, Susan and Rick

Susan and Rick from Miami contacted us to be their wedding photographers in Paris at their vow renewal to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The ceremony took place at the American Church in Paris. When the pastor asked if they wanted to exchange a few words Susan shook her head “no” with a confused smile since she and Rick had previously informed the pastor that they had agreed not to exchange vows. She didn’t know that Rick had gotten back in touch with the church and conspired with the pastor. They agreed to add a small moment in the ceremony where Rick could say some words declaring his of love for Susan. She was moved to tears. His act also brought tears to my wife and photography partner Audrey. Later when Audrey was wiping mascara from her viewfinder, she explained she, “found it beautiful to see that even after so many years you can still be happily surprised by your husband.” Yes I do feel a little pressure from this statement. (Thanks a lot Rick).