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Funny how we blame the weather girl for rain. The day before this shoot, the weather was so nice that it seemed everyone in the city was in the streets. It was difficult to walk, much less shoot photos in Paris. Then, the following day when we shot honeymoon photos in Paris of a weather presenter and her husband, rain cleared the streets. Unfazed by the rain, Maria and Brandon seemed to have the city to themselves, resulting in one of our favorite Paris photo shoots of the season. Maybe the weather girl is to blame for the rain.


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I was about to write a few lines about Michelle and Abe’s photoshoot in Paris. Instead I decided gloat by sharing this lovely email I received after delivering their honeymoon photos. I promise I’ve never solicited a single testimonial. Still, I can’t deny how much I love to get these.

Hi Anthony,

How dreamy! The pictures are absolutely amazing. Anthony, you really did
such a great job (and that’s an understatement) at capturing those special,
intimate moments. Thank you for your direction and keen eye towards the
subtlety of beauty and of Paris, especially on such a not so
weather-friendly day! The locations are
great too! These pictures and Paris are so special to us, as we celebrate
our first year of marriage and reminisce about our time in the city of love!
Now we’re just debating the best ways to display them in our home. Oh the

It’s been a great pleasure working with you on
this. Your professionalism and commitment towards photography comes with
such high recommendations! We cannot thank you enough.

We hope you make it out to Hawaii one day…you’d enjoy taking photographs
of the beautiful and lush scenery.

-Michelle & Abe Lagrimas

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