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Vera Wang wedding dress What Paris wedding photographer wouldn’t gush about being posted on Vera Wang’s Unveiled wedding blog? They contacted me after seeing Angeli’s wedding photos in Paris. I’m not sure Vera normally condones dragging her beautiful creations through the slushy city streets of December. Paris, however, is no typical city. I knew the dress would look quite at home surrounded by the timeless views of the City of Love. Obviously Vera agreed.

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Bride Leaving Plaza Athenee Paris

Bride Putting on Shoe

Bride Entering Bentley at the Plaza Athenee in Paris

Wedding Ceremony in Paris Church

Bride and Groom Hold Candles at Wedding in Paris Church

Groom and Bride in Back of Bently, Leaving Paris Chruch

Bride and Groom in Front of Bentley at Plaza Athenee Paris

Bride and Groom Walk Along Paris River Bank

Any photographer in Paris enjoys shooting at the Plaza, but wedding photographers appreciate it more than most. Brides who elope to Paris tend to be lured by elegance, and few hotels can draw them like the Athenee. Photographers have an easy job of revealing the refinement of Paris when they’re immersed in the frills of one of the world’s most stylish hotels. Besides, Carrie Bradshaw slept there.


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If you’re lucky enough to be a photographer in Paris, you’ll cross paths with some of the world’s best hotels. Andrea and Blake’s wedding at the Four Seasons George V is filled with eye candy. Still, no bride can resist taking her photographer out in the city to snap a few pics of her with her beau.


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I’m a Paris photographer. Believe me, I know the advantages of shooting in the city of love. Still, I seldom miss the opportunity to photograph stunning weddings in Provence. There’s a quality to the evening light in southern France that photographers distinguishable from that in Paris. Colors are softer, tones are warmer. As you can see from Rumi and Quentin’s wedding photos, the bride was a great match for this magical light of Provence.

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