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Get beautiful photos of you in Paris.

Couple Behind Paris Lamp PostCouple Holding Hands with Eiffel Tower in the BackgroundLooking for photographers in Paris to take photos of you in gorgeous locations? We’re an American / French team who photograph engagements, weddings, and more in the enchanting sights of Paris. From iconic monuments to quaint side streets and cafes, we’ll drape you in this city’s refined elegance. We fuse fashion photography, fine art, and photojournalism to make your photos beautiful. Scroll down to see some types of events we can capture for you.


Couples and Engagement


Engaged Couple Crosses Road Near Eiffel Tower  Couple Kiss While Leaning on Light Post

Couple Kissing with Notre Dame in the Background  Engagement Portrait on Pont Bir Hakeim  Couple in Front of a Beautiful Paris Door

Couple in Front of Haussmann Building in Paris  Couple About to Kiss with Eiffel Tower in Background  Engaged Couple Walking on Pont Bir Hakeim Paris

Engagement Portrait of Couple in Suit and Dress  Kissing Couple in Front of Paris Skyline

Couple on Crosswalk Near Paris Sidewalk Cafe  Engaged Couple by Eiffel Tower  Couple Under Paris Lamp Post


Weddings and Elopements


Groom and Bride Kiss Behind Paris Lamppost  The Eiffel Tower with Dark Clouds  Bridal Portrait Profile

Bride and Groom and Paris Historic City Skyline  Wedding Rings on a Paris Map

Portrait of Smiling Bride  Bride Kissing Groom with Paris Buildings and Lampposts in Background  Groom adjusting Cuffs in Front of Eiffel Tower

Bride Laughing with Groom at Notre Dame  Bride and Groom Walk Along Cobblestone Street in Paris

Bride Holding Dress off the Ground While Crossing Street  Wedding Couple Across River From Eiffel Tower  Bridesmaid Ties a Sash on Bride

Bride Sitting with Groom on Paris Park Bench  Groom About to Kiss Bride at Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Heels Resting on a Chair  Bride Shows off Heels Inside a Beautiful Room

Groom Embracing Bride with View of Paris Bridge in Background Bride in White Robe

Bride Getting Ready in Front of Large Beautiful Mirror  Wedding Bouquet  Bride Leans out of Paris Apatrment Window

Wedding Ceremony Beside the Eiffel Tower  Bridal Portrait Showing off Eyelashes


Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding Dress-Shoots


pre-wedding-portrait-paris  Pre-Wedding Portrait of Bride and Groom at the Eiffel Tower

Bride and Groom Walk Behind Notre Dame  Blue Sky and Paris Building  Bride Embraces Groom in Front of Setting Sun at Notre Dame

Back of Wedding Gown as Bride Holds Hands with Groom  Smiling Bridal Couple and Eiffel Tower  Bridal Portrait with Sunlit Hair

Bride and Groom Walk in Flower Garden of Notre Dame  Strap of Wedding Gown on Bride in Sunset

Hands of Bride and Groom  Bride on Bridge Over the Seine at Sunset  Veiled Bride Kissing Groom

Paris Skyline by Seine at Sunset  Bride in Veil Close to Groom

sunset-pre-wedding  Portrait of Blue-Eyed Bride

Bride and Groom Lean on Railing in Front of Paris Buildings  Bride Holding Grooms Arm

Portrait of Bride and Groom Over the Seine at Sunset  Bride Standing Close to Groom in Front of Paris Door  Bride and Groom Profile

Groom Buttoning His Tux Jacket  Beautiful Paris Building and Blue Sky

Bride on Groom Crossing Bridge With Other Paris Bridge in Background  Groom and Bride Lean on Paris Wall


Fashion and Promotion


olivia-palermo  olivia-palermo-paris

Olivia Palermo Walks Paris Street  Olivia Palermo Standing in Front of Paris Hotel  Olivia Palermo in Blue Dress


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